While we might not follow every design rule diligently, adding something sculptural to coffee tables or bookshelves is one rule that we follow and celebrate! “Why?” you ask? Well, we love how sculptural pieces add dimension to home styles, and they’re often quirky and unique, making them great statement pieces.

So if you’re looking for a perfect finishing touch, find something that shows off a little of your personality or helps tell your visitors something about you. Below are a few of our favorites!

[Photography Credit: Zach Desart for Lonny, design by Jonathan Adler]

Find Something Sculptural For Your Style

Sculptural home styles to elevate your coffee tables and bookshelves.
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Kylee T.
This collection of sculptural decor was assembled by Havenly designer Kylee T., who wants you to know that her favorite style is eclectic because she enjoys influences from several different styles – namely boho, glam and modern. If you’re crushing on Kylee’s style, why not book her today and get decorated!