Our mission at Havenly is simple: Make the process of designing your dream space effortless and affordable. Four easy steps, one design dream. And it’s our community of world-class interior designers that makes it all possible. In this post, we’d like to honor that community by shining our Designer Spotlight on the supremely talented Griffin C. If you frequent the … Continue Reading

One of the biggest road blocks that you may run into when designing a space is deciding how to choose a color palette. If you start without a plan, it can start to look like something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Fear not – The designers among us have some tried and true methods … Continue Reading

Ok, alright already, calm down! We get it: You’re still soaking up the golden rays while they last. We won’t dwell. But just hear us out. As the days shorten, we have a glorious fall to embrace. Rather than fret about the cooler weather, we hope you’ll look forward to the change as an opportunity to freshen up … Continue Reading

Hiring an interior designer to help design your home is a beautiful thing. But hiring an interior designer who truly shares your design vision – well that’s nothing short of magic.  In this Design Story, we’re proud to share the mind-reading magic that Havenly designer Kylee T. worked on Faye M.’s home design project. Faye’s … Continue Reading

We do everything we can to make the process of decorating your home as enjoyable as possible. From matching you with the right designer to providing an online workspace where you can easily collaborate on your project, we’re here for you! But it’s truly the designers themselves who make design dreams come true. This week, … Continue Reading

Watching style prevail over square feet is one of our favorite things about interior design. And we count ourselves lucky to have helped create so many stylish small spaces! The only difference with this particular small home decorating project is that the home belongs to Havenly’s own Amy M. – our VP of Product. When Amy … Continue Reading

Today we’d like to shine our Designer Spotlight on Ann F. – a Havenly designer who once noted that, “If given the choice of a mansion vs. a one room cottage, I’d take the cottage.” And we’re not surprised. Ann’s one of those designers that brings a sense of style and ease to every project she … Continue Reading

Why does anyone hire an interior designer? Well, one reason is to get their assistance in creating a beautiful, balanced space in our homes. Let’s be honest, the prospect of creating a perfectly balanced look is frightening, yet it’s something we all strive for. We’re gonna let you in on a little secret: It’s actually much simpler … Continue Reading

We cherish every opportunity we get to work on bar cart designs. In fact, bar styling is so delightful that we often find ourselves refreshing spaces with little more than a bar cart change up. The results are stunning! From classy brass accents to striking acrylic compositions, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite bar styling projects. … Continue Reading

The dreaded parquet flooring and pastel linoleum countertops. The closets that don’t fit a hanger. Walls that you can’t bang nails into… These and more are the woes of renting a home. Never fear, there are ways to make your rental unit a beautiful space that reflects your unique personality. Take our word for it, … Continue Reading