When Rachael and her husband Joel found out that they would be having their first kiddo, making space for a nursery probably wasn’t the first thing on their minds. But their baby girl was on her way and the family needed a space for her to grow in. Design projects, such as a nursery, can often … Continue Reading

Okay, okay. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy these celebrities some pretty awesome interiors! And pictures of well-designed spaces sure do make us happy. So, in a way, maybe other people’s money can buy us happiness? Crooked logic aside, these celebrity-inspired tips should help you get your home Hollywood ready on any budget! … Continue Reading

  So you’ve got kids? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to throw stylish decor out the door. In our day-to-day design duties, we’ve noticed that the perfect coffee table for a kid-friendly environment can be hard to come by. Cleanliness, purpose and safety. Those are the three qualities to look at when buying a family-friendly … Continue Reading

Help us rank the top 7 home design mistakes our man friends make and #GetDecorated! With help from Havenly’s professional interior designers, you’ve got this! Still have questions? We’ve got answers: Yes: The Havenly experience is catered to your style, your budget and your design vision. Yes: Our professional interior designers work with you personally … Continue Reading

Glam accessories reach far beyond shiny gold trinkets (although who doesn’t love those?!) and are becoming a staple in fashionable homes around the globe. It encompasses unique pieces with sumptuous fabrics, luxe finishes and a heavy dose of mirrors and metallics. At home in boho, modern or classic settings, this is one trend that can … Continue Reading

It’s easy to feel pigeon-holed into a certain design style. If we think we’re Modern or Traditional, we hone in on that style and seek out pieces that fall into that specific genre. And while using your style can be a great way to help you make decisions on pieces, you shouldn’t let it hold you … Continue Reading

Whether you live in a dorm room, with your significant other, or alongside 30 cats, your personal style does not have to be stifled by your living partner. Discover ways to allow your individuality to shine regardless of your living situation! Great Design For All {Style Caster} Too much pink? Try this instead… {Style Caster} Is … Continue Reading

When Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel it took millions and millions of tiny brushstrokes to complete. So a few individual brush strokes might not seem all that compelling – yet the bold, unscripted feel of these paint-stroked pieces are the perfect way to add a pop of chic fun to any room! Check out some of our favorites! {West Elm} … Continue Reading

Today we’d like to shine our Designer Spotlight on Stafford B., a prolific Havenly designer with over 770 designs under her belt. From envy-inducing living rooms to cool and sophisticated bedrooms, Stafford is supremely talented at making design dreams come true. Check out some of her designs. And if you’re feeling inspired, book her today and … Continue Reading

Are you familiar with the gorgeous gaze? We’ll bet you are. The gorgeous gaze, as we like to call it, is the moment when a perfectly-composed room stops us in our tracks. It’s not a singular detail that snags us. And it’s not one particular corner of the room. Nope, the gorgeous gaze happens only when … Continue Reading