As designers, we love recommending portrait art to clients who are looking too add a little funkiness to their space. A lot of people, however, aren’t super stoked about the idea of having a celebrity or some random person’s face on their walls. If you’re feeling a bit skeptical about the whole thing, just stick … Continue Reading

Subscribe On iTunes  Futons and matching sets and Ikea addiction… The struggle is real, friends. Join Kylee and Jason as they discuss the process of growing into your home. When we think of our twenty something design foibles, these indelible television characters and their rooms spring to mind. Above, we see Howard from The Big Bang Theory exercising … Continue Reading

You know the saying, “You only get one chance at a good first impression?” Well, that’s especially true when it comes to our homes. And that might be one of the biggest reasons we love decorating entryways – because they establish a home’s personality.  So, why not spruce up your entryway before the holidays usher in their … Continue Reading

Season after season, the looks that grace the runways at Fashion Week find their way into the design industry a few months later. Trends don’t last forever, but they are an excuse to load up on a stye you love. Here are a few fashion turned home design trends we’re bound to see again and … Continue Reading

There’s something special about getting to know an interior designer. It’s impossible to separate personality from the process of design, so it’s always interesting when those personalities start to shine through. For instance, if you track down Havenly designer Jordan E. on any given day, you’re just as likely to find her brewing beer or making cheese … Continue Reading

Designers take certain liberties and considerations into account when they head out to shop for clients. Here’s your chance to get inside our heads and learn how to shop decor like a pro! Shop Like A Designer: Your Home Will Thank You Jillian Harris 1. Pay Attention to fabrics and textures. These two things can be … Continue Reading

In our very first podcast (ever!), hosts Kylee Trunck and Jason Fox get to the bottom of online interior design. Pouf! Episode One: A Podcast For The E-Design Curious Want to make the most of your online interior design experience? Skip the guesswork with these savvy tips on e-design. Know Your Space Go a step beyond room … Continue Reading

Nursery design tips: Yeah, we’ve got those covered. Because if you know us even a little bit, you know that nurseries are one of our favorite design challenges. Sorry living rooms! From balancing fun and function to living up to a parent-to-be’s design vision, every nursery design project is unique. In Part I of Havenly Designer Ann F.’s Nursery Design … Continue Reading

Whenever I’m pulling together a room, I always try to include a couple of statement pieces that draw the eye into various corners and add some movement to the room’s design. While bold colors are always an option, I truly value contrast, fluid shapes and luxurious finishes as some of my favorite tricks for making a modern statement. From … Continue Reading

Back in the spring of 2015 we had the pleasure of decorating Nicole and Nate’s multi-purpose living area. You might remember the Design Story on our blog or the featured article about the space in Apartment Therapy. We loved working with Nicole and Nate on their living space, and we were thrilled when they came back to Havenly and … Continue Reading