One of the first things we ask every client before starting a home decorating project is: “What do you dislike about your current space?” It’s a simple question that’s not always simple to answer. From the basics of function to every nuance of style, identifying and cataloging what we dislike about a poorly-designed space can be a tough process. Then again, some folks are quicker at getting to the bottom of what they don’t like than others.

Enter Allie W. – a working mom with a new baby on the way. We were instantly smitten with Allie’s no-nonsense approach to getting stuff done. She’s not the kind of lady that might like a trundle bed, she’s the kind of lady that demands a trundle bed.

She cut straight to the chase when we got around to asking her what she didn’t like about her current living room: “Everything! The style is not me. It’s depressing and ugly and not functional… it isn’t comfortable to sit in.”

She’d won us over, so the least we could do was return the favor by pairing her with Havenly designer Shelby G. 🙂

Home Decorating Project Room Renderings

The Living Room

Allie’s request for her living room was that Shelby help her design a beautiful space that would be comfortable for her family to spend time together in.

The Nursery

Room to grow was the primary theme for the nursery design. When we asked Allie what she’d like to get out of her nursery home decorating project, she said: “I want Shelby’s amazing aesthetic to turn this disgusting guest room/messy office into a toddler room that my 13-month-old can grow with.”

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The Finished Living Room

How Havenly helped this working mom with her home decorating project

The Finished Nursery

How Havenly helped this working mom with her home decorating project

From Disliked To Delighted

For our final question, we asked Allie what her experience designing with Shelby was like: “Great! Shelby was on top of things and had great ideas. As a working mom with another baby on the way, I had no time to go to stores or search online to design my living room and daughter’s “big girl” room. Shelby made it so I could spend my weekends with my family, and not at stores looking for furniture. I walk into the rooms Shelby designed and I feel happy and uplifted.” 

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