Don’t let the pressure of updating your home make you sweat! With a few updates to your art, decor, and layout, you will be feeling that summer breeze in no time!

It’s hot out! Sweat the heat, not your design!

Save On Energy Bills – Think Light & Airy



Ready, set, summer.

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You don't have to travel to the beach to feel the summer breeze.

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It’s amazing how the designed environment has the power to affect your body temperature. If your space feels warm and heavy, it is likely that you will too! Rid your rooms of decor that mentally (and physically) warm you up-think blankets or furs, warm-toned accents, or bulky/heavy furniture. Opt instead for lightweight fabrics such as linens and cotton blends and sub-in streamlined furniture like metal chairs and acrylic sides!

No Beach House? No Problem!

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Nail that summer vibe with green and serene organic patterns.

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You don’t have to book a flight to the panhandle to feel the effects of a summer getaway. Decorate your home to inspire a laid-back style of living. Start by adding in some greenery-an areca palm perhaps? Cover your walls with tropical inspired prints. A seaside-themed gallery wall is a great place to start. Update your coffee table and bookshelves with vacay-inspired objects such as ceramic pineapples and metallic shells. Conclude your update by working in some texture- a jute pouf is an easy add-in!

Lounge In Comfort...

A light and airy dining room can rival any high-powered air conditioning.


Cool down with cool colors.

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Summertime is perfect for spending time catching up with family and friends, but no one wants to stand around while chatting it up for hours! Make sure that your furniture is laid out for conversation! Chairs, sofas, and sectionals should face one another so that no guest ends up with a post-party neck cramp! Allow visitors to take advantage of your best views by positioning seating arrangements so that outdoor sights are visible. And always pair groupings with a tabletop surface! Where else can you set down that margarita?

Kyler K.
These summertime design tips were carefully curated by Havenly designer Kyler K., who loves working with eclectic design – drawing influences from boho, mid-century and industrial styles. Every project is like a puzzle, and no two will ever turn out the same! Solve your design puzzle with Kyler!

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