Why does anyone hire an interior designer? Well, one reason is to get their assistance in creating a beautiful, balanced space in our homes. Let’s be honest, the prospect of creating a perfectly balanced look is frightening, yet it’s something we all strive for. We’re gonna let you in on a little secret: It’s actually much simpler than you think. With an emphasis on interior design basics, we’ve collected five simple ways to create a perfectly balanced living room.

Interior Design Basics: Beautiful Balance

1. Pick A Center Point

Interior design basics: Choosing A Strong Center Point

In a living room, the coffee table is the center point, creating an anchor and dividing the space. It is the core of the living room furniture, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the middle of the space. The center point of the living room shown above is the ottoman and tray arrangement, but it’s not necessarily centered in the space.

2. Create Symmetry

Interior Design Basics: Symmetry

When it comes to interior design basics, symmetry is fairly easy to create in a space with a few simple elements. These elements can be a pair of succulents surrounded by books and candles, or two matching lamps hugging a sofa. As seen above, even a slight asymmetry (an intentional lack of symmetry) can create a calm balance in any room.

3. Three Is The Magic Number

A dining room that hits the design sweet spot!

There is an idea within the basics of interior design that groupings of three are harmonious. Designing with this theory really helps to create balance in your space. You can use three objects in a tray on your coffee table. You can also go bigger and place a large piece of art or mirror above your sofa. This creates a triangle with the coordinating lamps and side tables.

4. Keep It Open

An envy-inducing mix of rustic and contemporary distilled into the perfect living room.

You don’t want to overcrowd your space with too much furniture or too many accessories. Less is more in a perfectly balanced living room. The art of using empty space is often easier with the guidance of a professional designer.

5. Use Neutrals

How To Decorate Like A Pro With Throw Pillows

Neutrals used as a base in your living room will be calm and inviting. It also allows you to layer on color and bolder elements with pillows, accessories, art, and rugs. When you decide you want a change, mixing up pillows is an easy way to achieve that without added cost like that of a new sofa.

The Basics & Beyond


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