It’s easy to feel pigeon-holed into a certain design style. If we think we’re Modern or Traditional, we hone in on that style and seek out pieces that fall into that specific genre. And while using your style can be a great way to help you make decisions on pieces, you shouldn’t let it hold you … Continue Reading

Whether you live in a dorm room, with your significant other, or alongside 30 cats, your personal style does not have to be stifled by your living partner. Discover ways to allow your individuality to shine regardless of your living situation! Great Design For All {Style Caster} Too much pink? Try this instead… {Style Caster} Is … Continue Reading

Here at Havenly, we like to live on the wild side. We’ve never met a decor rule we didn’t try to break, and we believe in being brave enough to #designboldly. So do you think we’d be the type to let a silly little dorm rule about wall damage hold us back from finding a … Continue Reading

It’s National Compliment Your Mirror Day, but what does that really mean? Well, most days we spend our time seeking out beauty in the things that surround us. Our enviable sofas, inspired gallery walls and coveted rugs – These items typically get the lion’s share of our attention and admiration. But today is different. Today, we reflect … Continue Reading

Let’s face it. Our homes are personal. And regardless of whether we’re moving in as a newlywed couple, a pair of close friends, or a newly-acquainted set of roomies, chances are high that you’ll both have items from your previous homes that you’re equally attached to. Deciding what stays, what goes and what gets relegated to the … Continue Reading

Two tone color play has become very popular in design. Possibly because of the dimension it adds to a space. Or possibly because there are so many irresistible two tone color choices out there. Two tone color can be the use of different shades of the same hue. It can also act as a compromise if you … Continue Reading

Color is a universal language that, like any language, takes practice to become fluent in. And it’s this language that helps us decide how to choose paint colors or decor accents in our interior designs. Luckily, there are principals in color theory that teach us the typical human response to certain colors, but even those principals leave us … Continue Reading

Pets have a way of brightening up your home. They’re fun, affectionate and so stinking cute. Unfortunately, their crates can sometimes look like a medieval torture chamber sitting in the middle of your perfect home! Not to fear, with a little bit of creativity, we can resolve your pet crate woes. And you won’t be the … Continue Reading

Art gallery walls always snag our attention. Probably because their beauty is twofold: First, there’s the art itself – echoing the style of its curator – and then there’s the perfectly asymmetrical balance of the individual pieces grouped as a whole. Every time we see a new art wall, we’re reminded that choosing the right artwork for your art gallery … Continue Reading

It’s 6 p.m. on a Friday night. After a long and strenuous day at the office, you arrive home only to find your place filled with clutter that has been neglected for the past week. For many of us, the weekends are devoted to unwinding – it’s a time for us to recharge and get … Continue Reading