Tall ceilings make us giddy! Not only do they offer a large canvas to decorate with, but they also convey a clean and simple sense of opulence. You see, the trick with tall ceilings is to create a cohesive visual landscape that makes the most of your wall space without overwhelming the rest of the room. … Continue Reading

Hiring an interior designer to help design your home is a beautiful thing. But hiring an interior designer who truly shares your design vision – well that’s nothing short of magic.  In this Design Story, we’re proud to share the mind-reading magic that Havenly designer Kylee T. worked on Faye M.’s home design project. Faye’s … Continue Reading

Watching style prevail over square feet is one of our favorite things about interior design. And we count ourselves lucky to have helped create so many stylish small spaces! The only difference with this particular small home decorating project is that the home belongs to Havenly’s own Amy M. – our VP of Product. When Amy … Continue Reading

When Rachael and her husband Joel found out that they would be having their first kiddo, making space for a nursery probably wasn’t the first thing on their minds. But their baby girl was on her way and the family needed a space for her to grow in. Design projects, such as a nursery, can often … Continue Reading

Are you familiar with the gorgeous gaze? We’ll bet you are. The gorgeous gaze, as we like to call it, is the moment when a perfectly-composed room stops us in our tracks. It’s not a singular detail that snags us. And it’s not one particular corner of the room. Nope, the gorgeous gaze happens only when … Continue Reading

Among new or soon-to-be-new-parents, the to-do list is king. Yet there’s a shining indulgence nestled within that list of otherwise mundane tasks: designing the nursery. Because the nursery is special. It’s the room where a parent’s hopes and dreams will become real. It’s where they’ll make their first memories with their child. In some small way, it … Continue Reading

Back in December of 2015, we unveiled Ashley F.’s stunning nursery. Since then, Ashley has been working with Havenly designer Ann F. to craft a stylish home for herself, her husband and their baby boy. And she’s been writing about all of it over at her blog, Style Editrix! We’re elated to present the family’s living room … Continue Reading

Rarely do glamour and glitz strike such a sophisticated balance. Yup, this particular Havenly design is special. Every design detail, right down to the last delightful throw pillow, makes us swoon. And despite the stunning finished space – a true example of eye candy – this project had a relatively common starting point. Havenly client Tiffany M. … Continue Reading

Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to envy your own home. “Havenly, you’re crazier than Crazy Eyes herself!” ‘Fraid not! It might seem counter intuitive, and maybe slightly silly, but there may come a time when you feel that covetous green feeling spring up from thinking about your very own living room! There are two … Continue Reading

To some, Havenly designer Stafford B. might appear to have psychic abilities. And maybe she does, we certainly won’t hold it against her. But it’s not all clairvoyance (or luck). Stafford’s uncanny knack for translating design dreams into physical spaces is rooted in her tried-and-true approach to design. Right about now is when we should introduce … Continue Reading