The saturated colors, mix of textures and laid back vibes that are synonymous with Global Bohemian design are quickly popping up on everyone’s radar. If you find you’re not ready to fully commit to a cozy boho lair just yet, dip your toes in and satisfy that wandering heart with a few of these global accents.

Bohemian Home Decor Accents


Whether your global style leans toward glam or natural elements, we’ve got you covered! A vase is a great way to incorporate a fun design element with a touch of fresh flowers or greenery.

Tie-Dye Revival

Tie-dye has come a long way from the psychedelic shirts we all inevitably sported in our youth. Sophisticated options are now available in all facets of home decor, from vases to drapes and rugs. Your 10 year old self will be so pleased!

Boho Pendants

Global lighting goes beyond the characteristic Moroccan style lanterns. Pierced metal, capiz shells and twisted jute fibers offer a compelling take on Bohemian lighting.

Macrame Resurgence

Macrame wall hangings have made a big comeback in recent years. They are an interesting addition to your wall decor and add an instant boho flair to any space.

Rattan Styling

These woven pieces are often like a work of art in themselves and are a great way to add a natural element to your room.

Indigo Prints

Indigo block-style prints add depth, rich coloring and unique motifs that are a staple of global design.


Global elements can be mixed with any style to satisfy that little (or large) bit of wanderlust that exists in all of us. Struggling to figure out which pieces work best with your decor? Grab a glass of wine, tell us your woes and Get Decorated!

Jordan E.
These Bohemian pieces were brought to you by Havenly Designer Jordan E., who loves to design Contemporary, Eclectic and Mid-Century Modern spaces. If you like Jordan’s style, book her today and Get Decorated!

Featured image courtesy of Patina Studio.