Go to work… on your office space!

Make the transition from bed to desk a bit less painful by giving your workspace a face-lift! Throw a silk pillowcase over that stack of paperwork, and you’ll be less tempted by that shredder in the corner!

Ready, Set, Office Magic

1. Whistle While Your Work

{The Every Girl}

Whether you need to chill out or to stay awake, nowadays there’s a playlist for just about every occasion. Find a music mix that gets your creative juices flowing! For starters, try Spotify’s Brain Food! If earbuds aren’t your thing, install an old-school record player near your workspace. Flipping over the record will let you know when it’s time for a break!

2. Shed Some Light On It!


There’s research for days on how lighting affects productivity. Make sure that lighting is working in your favor. Blame it on the bulbs…something as simple as switching out your lightbulbs can noticeably enhance work ethic! Research shows that cool light makes you more active and attentive! So, if you are feeling abnormally sluggish, give it a try! Also, be sure that you are highlighting the right areas in your workspace. Avoid angling direct light on your computer screen to eliminate glare. Instead, aim for overhead lighting or ambient light to illuminate your desk surface!

3. Go Green!


Green thumb or not, plant-life is an excellent way to boost your mood and to enhance your environment! Humans are proven to be happiest when surrounded by nature, but not all of us can work from the nearest park! Bring the outdoors in with potted plants! If you are looking for something low-maintenance, try a terrarium like this one from Urban Outfitters!

4. Good Vibes Only!

{Oak Furniture Land}

Let’s face it, you may not be in love with your work, but don’t allow yourself to feel the same way about your workspace! How much time a week do you spend in your office? Wether it be a desk, a cubicle, or your living room sofa, make sure that your workspace is somewhere you can feel positive and productive! Surround yourself with a “good vibes only” mantra. Fill your walls with artwork that makes you smile! Choose pieces with positive connotations-an ocean scene or a view of your favorite overseas destination! Then fill your tabletop and shelves with clever and quirky knick knacks to help to personalize your domain!

Not Just For Work Work Work Work Work...

{Amber Interiors}

In case you needed a lyrical reference, contrary to Rihanna’s implication, your workspace does not have to be used solely for work! Taking periodical breaks mentally and physically helps you to be more productive. By adding in a piece such as a cozy lounge chair, you can separate yourself from your world of work-even just for ten minutes! Also, by making your room into a multi-functional space, you will help to erase the association of the area to work-related tasks. Your room will start to feel like a getaway rather than a jail cell!

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Kyler K.
These office decorating tips were written by Havenly designer Kyler K., who loves working with eclectic design – drawing influences from boho, mid-century and industrial styles. Every project is like a puzzle, and no two will ever turn out the same! Solve your design puzzle with Kyler!