We cherish every opportunity we get to work on bar cart designs. In fact, bar styling is so delightful that we often find ourselves refreshing spaces with little more than a bar cart change up. The results are stunning! From classy brass accents to striking acrylic compositions, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite bar styling projects.

5 Examples Of Bar Cart Eye Candy

1. Goodness Gracious, Great Bar Cart Styling

It’s tough to put words to the feeling of awe that this glamorous scene inspires. If we had to invent a word, it might be glammorlicious.  Enough word smithing, here are three things we adore about this piece of bar cart art:

  • The glowing gold accents make the cart an instant focal point
  • A cut crystal decanter transforms plain old tap water into a magical elixir
  •  One neatly-placed silver orb on the bottom shelf keeps the booze company and draws the eye from top to bottom

2. A Curated & Confident Bar Cart Balancing Act

Eclectic bar cart styling

Don’t get us started on the merits of going eclectic. With it’s impeccably balanced everything and haphazard yet confident aesthetic, the eclectic style is a perfect choice for bar cart success. In the Havenly-designed setting pictured above, we used slightly mismatched themes and funky decor to strike that contrasting tone that we commonly associate with the eclectic feel. But it’s not a mismatched free-for-all – There’s enough design common ground to make the scene gel while still retaining the individual quirkiness of each item. Manhattans from a glass boot pitcher? Yes please!

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3. A Minimal, Modern & Magnificent Booze Nook

Modern and minimal bar cart styling

Sometimes, the best approach to solving a design problem is to cut to the chase:

Simplicity is beautiful.

For instance, when we’re throwing together a beverage setting for an impromptu hangout, we’ll gladly ditch the orchestrated decor for a minimalist approach. The acrylic bar cart above is purposefully adorned with items that keep us and our guests one step closer to a cocktail without sacrificing a shred of design oomph.

OH! And one quick tip to keep in mind when styling a bar cart with limited timego floral. The orchid above adds height and creates a beautiful visual landscape.

4. Thirst-Quenching Sophistication

Gorgeous bar styling

One of our favorite things about styling bars is that they’re the great uniter of masculine and feminine styles. While polka dots and gold accents might be more commonly associated with feminine glam, this particular cocktail scene embodies a style that both ladies and gents alike can get behind. A couple quick tips to learn from this photo:

  • Keep a small bar organized by corralling drinkware with a stylish tray
  • Imbue even the most functional items – like straws or toothpicks – with a scene-setting style

5. Big Picture Beverage Bonanza

Decked-out bar cart style

Are you the super host? Yes. You. Are. For you, there’s always a bottle left for after hour guests and you’ve got a limitless supply of cocktail recipes up your sleeve.

Feeling inspired by our works of bar cart art? Ready to style your own bar? Go ahead, get your cocktail on with our collection of bar cart packages. But if you’re still curious about the bar cart design process, you might like these 7 bar cart styling tips.